15 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. I wanna say thai or lao, it also could be a tai language as well. I vote for Thai though.

  2. Didn’t sound at all familiar at the beginning but sounded Thai-ish at the end so I’ll go with Lao.

  3. Defiantly a form of Thai. I hear เพื่อให้ in there, and all the กัน or การ, and it feels like Thai, but I can’t parse much. It could be Isaan or Lao but it’s defiantly not Vietnamese.

  4. Definitely not Vietnamese nor standard Thai. It does sounds Thai-ish to me, so the best I can guess is a Tai language, probably closely related to Thai. Those hours of watching Chinese martial fantasy TV series dubbed in Thai and Vietnamese finally paid off a little. 😀

  5. Definitely Kradai/Tai, but Lao sounds a little easy, and I agree with bronz, it’s not pure Thai.

    Maybe one of the dialects of Thai…

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