The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babulon ni Nouhkchu Tangmo

  1. Skang wo le ha manang wo kau mungha chouh se tong ou, akhe kauthai pho se banng ya.
  2. Abo ni khe, salka bai brao shekhouh ye Shinar ha wo hasmai mai khe, brao aro wo achouh ha.
  3. Are ong khe, brao kching brao salai ha, “Phai di, chung ita taoh ye khasaih khe saulai na.” Akhe brao hloung ni bislái yo ita akhe siment ni bislái yo gah no nouh tang ni la ha.
  4. Abo ni khe brao salai ha, “Phai di, chung haktor manang wo kpring ye ksaih thanng yamo dei, akhe chini mmung khemainamo dei, chini saohguthe ni doli kha ye pakanouh kchu khongha tanglai na, akhe abo no bausinglai bausinglai khe nougkha khudana dei khe tuisalai na.”
  5. Akhe mnusu bsa rao tangmo doli bai nouhkchu no Kchusoyang nai ni phaikhlai ha.
  6. Are ong khe Kchusoyang hing ha, “Nai di, brao le jati songha, kaubu mungha, akhe bo tangmobu brao tang yag naima ni raisadroih se ong tong khou. Akhe brao je tang ni choungmo no le taoh le brao charimai ya le ong ya.
  7. Phai di, thanngkhlai ye brao ni kaumung no brao kching brao bchilaimai ya ongmaina dei gong chari ye hoih na.”
  8. Are khe Kchusoyang haktor manang wo brao no ksaihri ye hoih ha, akhe brao abo doli no tangmo yakkar ye ma thanng ha.
  9. Are ong mi se abo zaga ni mmung no Babeld hing yag ou; tma hing khe, aro wo se Kchusoyang, ha ni jesuh jati ni kaumung no búkhaoh ye gong chari mi. Akhe aro ni nching yono Kchusoyang brao no haktor manang wo ksaihri ye hoih ha.

Source: Yarung (Genesis). Baibel Kthar. The Bible in Riang language. Bible Society of India, 2008.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Riang is a Mon-Khmer language spoken in parts of Burma and China.

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