The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Bebelwg Soja

  1. Otuqho swcw mwlw si agam luukin go hoo gomcwr luukinv doonum.
  2. Hoo nyiilungv dou-caga daiyab nyiogy ginum, ho bulv Sinar gvdag haapa ho nvmcw doonum.
  3. Hoo bulv akwn-akwn bemin sunum, “Haato, kuj ngulv hita mvtwl hoo ham xaakam tuj.” Hoo bulv wlw kwlib hitangam mvnum, hoo simit kwlib takinam hiqnum.
  4. Ho bulv benum, “Haato, kuj ngulv ngul atgab bopamlo ak mvtuj hoo hoqg sojangam doa tol cvvc dvb mvtuj, hoo ngulug eminam doom dvb mvptuj, hvbmab nyiloqkam ngulv swcw nvg aoso cwrsaq gob nyitayin.”
  5. Hoo At Sw nyia ko tulug bopam mam la soja mvnam mam kaatab ipoqnum.
  6. Hoo At Sw benum, “Kaato, bulv nyiilu akinv, hoo bul mwlwngv agam luukinam goodo, hoo kokwngam nyitanam mam soq sib bulv nyirab robdu do. Hoo bulv hoggv nyidwb mwwdwn hv bul gab hog vs-axaq gob dooram.
  7. Haato, kuj ngulv ipoq gvdwl hoo bulug agam goangam tadar mins maadwb mvtaj, ho bulv akwn akwg agam goonam mam tacin mins kuram.”
  8. Ho At Sw bulam swcw nvg aoso cwrsaq twqb mvknum, hoo bulv bopam mam mvngo tvl apaq kunum.
  9. Hoqgab hoqg eminam Bebel hvl goqnum, hoggab At Sw gvda gvtwg agam goangam luusaq-luusaq dvb mvknum. Hoo hoq hoqgv At Sw bulam swcw nvg aoso cwrsaq twqb mvknum.

Source: DVRWQ PVVB (NISS). Beggar 11. Bible Society of India.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Nishi is a Tani language spoken in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam in India by about 220,000 people .

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