The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Naijá (Nigerian Pidgin)

Babilon Towa

  1. From di biginnin wen di world start, evribody dey speak only one language.
  2. As dem skata go di east side dem kon rish one place wey dem dey koll Shinar kon stay for der.
  3. Den dem tell each oda sey, “Make wi do stone kon bake dem make dem for strong well-well.” So dem do strong stone wey dem go take build.
  4. Den dem sey, “Naw, make wi build one town wey go high rish di sky, so dat wi go make name for awasef, if not, wi go skata for evriwhere for di eart.”
  5. Den Oga God kom down kon si di town wey doz men dey build,
  6. so E kon sey, “If dem dey do dis as pipol wey dey speak one language, den nor-tin go stop dem for anytin wey dem won do. E nor go tey before, dem go fit do anytin wey dem wont!
  7. So make wi go down go skata dem kon mix dia language, so dat dem nor go undastand each oda.”
  8. So di Oga God skata dem for evriwhere for di eart and dem kon stop to build di town.
  9. Dat na why dem koll di town, Babel, bikos God give dem difren language and from der, E skata dem for evriwhere for di world.


Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Nigerian Pidgin is an English-based Creole language spoken as a lingua franca across Nigeria.

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