The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


  1. Bat deibin abum oni wanbala langgus basdam. Garram seimwan wed ola pipul bin oldei tok.
  2. Wal wen ola pipul bin stat spredatbat sanraiswei, deibin faindim wan plein kantri deya langa det kantri gulum Bebalon,
  3. en deya na olabat bin stap, en deibin tok, "Wal kaman na, Wi lafta meigim madwan brik en barnim langa faiya blanga meigim brabli gudwan." En deibin hipimap detlot brik na, en deibin abum bitjaman deya du,
  4. en deibin jingat langa ola pipul na, "Kaman olabat! Wi garra bildimap taun na garram wan bigbala haus. Det haus garra gajimap raidap insaid langa skai, dumaji wi nomo wandi spredatbat ebriweya langa ebri kantri. Wi wandi jidan wanmob garram bigneim."
  5. Bambai na YAWEI det trubala God bin kamdan blanga luk det taun en det haibala haus weya deibin meigimbat,
  6. en wen imbin luk, imbin dalim miselp, "Dislot iya pipul jidan wan pipul garram wanbala langgus. Olabat brabli klebabala, en dei gin dum enijing dei wandim.
  7. Wal wi lafta godan en miksimap det langgus blanga olabat wulijim olabat kaan toktok gija."
  8. Afta na YAWEI bin kadimat ola pipul, en imbin predimat olabat langa ebri kantri, dumaji imbin miksimap olabat langgus, en dei nomo bin binijim det taun weya deibin bildimbat,
  9. Wal deibin gulum neim blanga det taun Bebul, dumaji deya na YAWEI bin miksimap olabat langgus, en brom deya na ola difrin langgus bin kamat, en afta na ola pipul bin go en spredat ebriweya langa ola kantri.

Source: "Holi Baibul". The Bible in Kriol of Northern Australia, The Bible Society in Australia Inc, 2007

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Kriol is an English-based Creole language spoken in northern and western parts of Australia by about 10,000 people.

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