The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


  1. KAH wame ohke pasuk unnontìw…onk, kah pasuk hettìwonk.
  2. Kah n nih w mohettit wutchepwo au, namehteauog mukkoshqut wutohket Shinar, kah ne wutohkinneau.
  3. Kah hettuog, Hah ayeuontuh manìnskog, kah pannuppu chikoswontuh: kah ahtoog manìnskoh wutch qussuhkquan, kah slime wutch saupae manìnsk.
  4. Kah nìwaog, Hah ayimontuh keihtotan kah qunnunkquekommuk, na woh masukomìmuìk kesuk: kah ayimontuh wesuonk ishkont kussiswa¢mun yeu ut wame ohket.
  5. Kah Jehovah nìkeu nonche naum keitotan kah qunnunkquikkomuk, uttiyeu wosketompaog wunnaumonaoh ayimohettit
  6. Kah Jehovah nìwau, Kusseh missinninn£og pasukììog, kah wame pasuk unnonttìwaonk: kah yeu nìche ussenaous, kah yeuyeu matta woh wuttamhe¢og e ahchewesehettit.
  7. Hah, nìk‚tuh penìwehte£ttuh unnontìwaonk, onk woh mo wohtauutt‚og.
  8. Nemehkuh Jehovah chachaubenuh na wutch ut woskeche wame ohket, onk wutahqueteauunneau | ayimun keitotan.
  9. Newaje ussowetamuk Babel, newutche Jehovah na wuttit ayimun pap‚nìwantìwaonk wame ohket: kah na wutche Jehovah wunnanwi‚hheuh ut woskeche wame ohket.

This text comes from the 1685 edition of John Eliot's Massachusett translation of the Bible. The first edition of this translation was published in 1663 and was the first Bible translation published in North America.

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