Word of the day – smooinaghtagh

smooinaghtagh (SMUUN-yakhtakh) = thoughtful, imaginable, pensive, notional, serious, thinking

Related words:
smooinagh – to think
smooinaght – sentiment, notion, impression, opinion, concept, thought
ard-smooinaghtagh – inspired (lit. “high thinking”)
far-smooinaghtagh – imaginary, chimerical (lit. “mock/fake thinking”)
shagh-smooinaghtagh – absent-minded (lit. “past thinking”)
trome-smooinaghtagh – deep-thinking (lit. “heavy thinking”)

Here’s a nice Manx word that I spotted on a CD by the Manx group skeeal that arrived today. It appears as part of a desciption of the band:

ta ‘skeeal’ ny phossan manninagh goaill stiagh queig fir. t’ad jannoo ymmyd jeh stoo tradishoonagh as bunneydagh, t’ad cummey yn kiaull er aght gientynagh as smooinaghtagh as gleashaghey eddyr ny chengaghyn gealgagh.

‘skeeal’ is a five-piece band from the isle of man. drawing on traditional and original material, they shape imaginative and thoughtful arrangements, moving between the gaelic languages.

I heard skeeal playing as part of the féile cholmcille in Gleann Cholm Cille when I was there last month and was impressed by them. At that time I didn’t know who they were, but knew they were from the Isle of Man and that they sang in Manx. Some detective work eventually lead me to their website, which is in Manx and English, and where I bought the CD.

The Irish equivalent of smooinaghtagh is smaointeach, in Scottish Gaelic it’s smaointeachail, and in Welsh it’s meddylgar.

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  1. TJ says:

    That reminds me of a song for Enya (Eithne) called “Smaointe” (thoughts). I think they said it was dedicated for her passing grandparents!

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