Word of the day – papelear

papelear, verb = to rumage through papers; to make a splash, draw attention to oneself

This word caught my eye while I was looking through my Spanish dictionary today. Though I try to keep the amount paper I use in my home ‘office’ to a minimum, there always seems to be plenty of bits of papers to rumage through.

Related words
papel = paper
papelada = farce, pretence, charade
papelamen = papers, masses of papers
papeleo = paperwork, red tape
papelera = litter bin, wastepaper basket, desk, paper mill
papelería = stationery, stationer (shop), mass/sheaf/heap of papers
papelero = paper, stationer, paper manufacuturer, paper-boy, ridiculous person
papelonero = ridiculous

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3 Responses to Word of the day – papelear

  1. Minstrel Ayreon says:

    I find it interesting how “papel” is also associated with foolish people in addition to literal paper.

    I wonder if the connection is an alternate definition of “papel” that I don’t see listed here–the idea of “role” as in, in a play. It would then be a great term for someone who puts on airs…

  2. Simon says:

    Papel has a number of other meanings, including part / role, e.g. hacer un papel = to play a part – hizo el papel de Cleopatra = she played the part of Cleopatra.

  3. Jamison says:

    I’ve heard of papel mojado “wet paper” as meaning something worthless or of little value. Todo su esfuerzo resultó ser papel mojado”. All his effort turned out to be worthless.

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