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Today I found an online version of a BBC television programme called “Cuairt Nam Blog”, in which the presenter, a Scottish Gaelic tutor from Glasgow, meets a number of people who blog in Scottish Gaelic. She find the bloggers through Tìr nam Blòg, a site which amalgamates blogs in Gaelic, and visits the author of An Gaidheal Alascanach in Juneau, Alasaka, and the man behind Latha ann an L.A. in Los Angeles, both of whom speak Gaelic fluently. She also mentions Gaelic bloggers in Kazakstan and Japan. The programme is in Gaelic, with English subtitles.

I read the blogs mentioned in the programme now and then and it’s nice to see the people behind them and learn a bit more about them. I think I should try to write in Gaelic on my other blog, though my Gaelic is not as good as my Irish and Welsh yet. When I write something in Gaelic, I takes me ages as I have to look up many of the words and check the grammar.

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3 Responses to Cuairt Nam Blog

  1. Seumas says:

    Tapadh leat airson an link gu ‘Cuairt Nam Blog’, bha e gu math inntinneach.

    Agus cuideachd, cum ort leis a Gaidhlig! Tha thu a deanamh gle mhath. Bidh mise a sgriobadh stuth ‘sa Gaidhlig air mo bhlog bho am gu am

    Tioraidh matha,


  2. Steve says:

    “”I takes me ages as I have to look up many of the words and check the grammar.””

    Is this because Gaidhlig spelling hasnt been shortened like the Gaelic?

  3. Simon says:

    Steve – it’s partly because of the differences between Scottish Gaelic and Irish spelling, and also due to lack of practice and my limited knowledge of Scottish Gaelic.

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