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Today I put together a new page of useful phrases in Arabic. They all come from the multilingual pages, but I thought it would be handy to have the phrases for one language all together on one page. I know some of you have asked for this. I’ll add other languages when I have a spare moment or two.

As usually, your comments, corrections and additions are very welcome.

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5 Responses to Phrases on Omniglot

  1. yjr says:

    Hi Simon Ager:

    I’m yjr talked to you in english and chinese just now.
    Very glad to know you.
    You taught me much about verbal english.
    Thanks very much!
    Admire that you can speak so many languages.
    Talk to you later when you are online and free.

  2. ISPKN says:

    Thank you for making the Arabic phrase page! I’ve been trying to brush up on my Arabic recently and this is a lot easier than going from page to page to see which ones have Arabic.

  3. Polly says:

    Thanks, Simon. This is pretty cool. My father-in-law speaks Arabic and I hope to practice many of these phrases on him. I learned how to read and write mainly from looking at your page on Arabic script.
    I look forward to some of the other languages, too. Like I said earlier, you’ve got a real resource for beginning language learners and travellers, here. I bet you could even get advertisers *shudder*. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. 🙂

  4. renato says:

    Congratulations. You had an excellent idea. Thank you very very much.

  5. renato says:

    I would, also, like to suggest the same kind of page in all other languages, you have, this should easier for one who wants to learn a language, maybe our friends including me, wqho take part in this blog could help, sharing, the sentences, of the subjects. example the hello sentences could be shared by language, this way you would have hello, good morning, thanks, in all languages, as you did with arabic.

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