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Globalizing the Korean alphabet

A group of linguists in Korea are looking into giving people with no written form of their language ways to write using the Korean alphabet (hangŭl), according to this article. A number of communities they visited in Indonesia were keen on using hangŭl to write their languages and plan to send representatives to Korean to […]

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Linguistics experiment

This is a little experiment I’ll be doing for my bilingualism class next week which I thought I’d try out on you first. Imagine you’re making a cartoon featuring the things listed below as characters. Which ones would you assign a male voice to, and which ones would you assign a female voice to? 1. […]

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Name the language

Here’s a recording of part of a news report. Do you know or can you guess which language it’s in? [audio:]

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Word of the day – optionulsory

The term optionulsory was coined by one of my classmates the other day to refer to things that are somewhere between optional and compulsory – in this case the Linguistics Circle Research Seminars. Linguistics postgrads are expected and encouraged to attend these seminars, but are not absolutely obliged to do so. I went to one […]

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David Crystal

We met David Crystal today and had a very interesting question and answer session with him. He’s an Honorary Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University, but has so many other commitments that take him all over the world, he rarely has time to visit. Among the topics we discussed whether it’s possible for major world […]

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Multilingual clock

I plan to make a tool that will show how to tell the time in many different languages. It will function something like the one here, and will probably use Flash. I’ve started gathering translations, as you can see in this spreadsheet. Can you help by adding other languages, and by making recordings? The recordings […]

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Language quiz

Here’s a recording of part of a radio interview. Do you know or can you guess which language it’s in? [audio:]

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Multilingual resources

I found some useful sites with information in multiple languages today: The multilingual bird search engine contains the names of birds in eighteen languages, including Catalan, Danish, Esperanto, English, French, German and Swedish, as well as their scientific names. The Multilingual dictionary of musical terms is a musical glossary in English, French, German and Serbian. […]

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Middle English Grammar Project

A project is underway at the University of Stavanger in Norway to analyse the grammar of Middle English, according to this article. Philologists at the university have already digitised 1,000 Middle English texts from the 1300s-1500s from all over Britain, and made them available on their website. The corpus includes texts on legal, religious, medical […]

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Gaelic in Glasgow / Gàidhlig ann an Ghlaschu

Scottish Gaelic is making something of a comeback in Glasgow, according to an article I found today in The Herald. This is largely thanks to the Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu / the Glasgow Gaelic School, which provides education from nursery to secondary level through the medium of Gaelic. Gaelic medium education has been available in Glasgow […]

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