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Word of the day – smooinaghtagh

smooinaghtagh (SMUUN-yakhtakh) = thoughtful, imaginable, pensive, notional, serious, thinking Related words: smooinagh – to think smooinaght – sentiment, notion, impression, opinion, concept, thought ard-smooinaghtagh – inspired (lit. “high thinking”) far-smooinaghtagh – imaginary, chimerical (lit. “mock/fake thinking”) shagh-smooinaghtagh – absent-minded (lit. “past thinking”) trome-smooinaghtagh – deep-thinking (lit. “heavy thinking”) Here’s a nice Manx word that I […]

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It’s all Greek to me

When you can’t understand something, whether it’s an unfamiliar subject in your own language, or something a foreign language, you might say “it’s all Greek to me”. At least you would in English. According to World Wide Words, this phrase comes a Medieval Latin proverb Graecum est; non potest legi (It is Greek; it cannot […]

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Competitive language learning

When learning a language, it’s natural to compare your own progress and abilities with that of others. There’ll usually be other learners who know more than you, at least about some aspects of a language, or who speak and/or write with more fluency and confidence than you. You might also meet people who have been […]

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Word of the day – papelear

papelear, verb = to rumage through papers; to make a splash, draw attention to oneself This word caught my eye while I was looking through my Spanish dictionary today. Though I try to keep the amount paper I use in my home ‘office’ to a minimum, there always seems to be plenty of bits of […]

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Today’s word-tastic topic is cran-morphing, the practice of dismantling words and glueing parts of them on to other words. Word-tastic is an example of this that I just made up – it combines the word word with -tastic from fantastic. Another popular cran-moph is -gate, as in Irangate, Dianagate and Whitewatergate. This comes from the […]

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Here and there

Today we’re looking at words for here and there is various languages. In standard English there are just two such words: here (close to the speaker), and there (away from the speaker). In some dialects of English, and in other languages, there are three or possibly more: here, there and yonder/over there. Here are the […]

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