Western Rote (Dela-Oenale)

Western Rote is a member of the Timor-Babar branch of Malayo-Polynesian languages spoken in Rote Island near Timor in Indonesia by about 7,000 people.

Western Rote alphabet and pronunciation

Western Rote alphabet and pronunciation

gh, kh, q, sy, v, x, and z are only used in loanwords and foreign names, and they are usually replaced by g, k, k, sy, f and s respectively.

Download an alphabet chart for Western Rote (Excel)

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Amaꞌ sia sorga! Amaꞌ naram meumareꞌ manaseliꞌ Hela fo basa atahori soꞌu rananaru Amaꞌ naram manaseliꞌ a. Amaꞌ dadꞌi maneꞌ soaꞌ neu basa atahori! Hela neu fo basa atahori tao tungga Amaꞌ parendan sia raefafoꞌ ia, onaꞌ basa mana sia sorga ra tao tungga Amaꞌ parendan sia sorga. Amaꞌ tulun pala-bꞌanggi fee hai nanaat manadꞌaiꞌ tungga-tungga fai. Hai moꞌe Amaꞌ fee ambon neu basa hai sala-kiluꞌ mara, onaꞌ hai fee ambon neu atahori mana tao salaꞌ neu hai boe. Amaꞌ, munea hai fo hai afiꞌ tao deꞌulakaꞌ. Ma mboꞌi hendi hai mia nitu a koasan. Te Amaꞌ, Maneꞌ mana koasa ma manaseliꞌ Amaꞌ mana toꞌu parendaꞌ mukundooꞌ a. Hai hule-oꞌem baꞌu a naa ena, Amaꞌ. Amin.

Source: http://e-alkitab.org/Dela/frame_MAT06.htm

Details of Western Rote pronunciation and sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Western Rote

Information about Western Rote | Tower of Babel


Information about Western Rote

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