Eastern Pomo (Ba·csal)

Eastern Pomo, or Clear Lake Pomo, is a Pomoan language spoken around Clear Lake in Lake County, California. Only a few elderly people currently speak the language, though efforts are being made to revive it and to develop a standardized spelling system. Eastern Pomo is not mutually intelligible with the other Pomoan languages.

Eastern Pomo alphabet and pronunciation

Eastern Pomo alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Eastern Pomo (Excel)

Information about written Eastern Pomo supplied by Wolfram Siegel (PDF)

Sample phrases in Eastern Pomo

Chiin tha ˋeh = How are you?
Mii garrsa qˋodii ˋeh = It's good to see you
Qˋawii heh kuwaiman taikma = The boys and girls are laughing and playing
Piitiik xaiyuwa hah buduu magalayaxa = I'm going to look for acorns before it gets dark
Mehchaxara heh xabeh yoh ˋeh = The frog was under the rock

Sample video in Eastern Pomo


Information about the Eastern Pomo language (includes lessons)

An article about efforts to revive the Easter Pomo language

Information about the Pomo people
http://www.kstrom.net/isk/maps/ca/pomopage.html http://www.sacredsonoma.com/chapter2-2.html

Pomoan languages

Central Pomo, Eastern Pomo, Kashaya, Northern Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, Southern Pomo

Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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