Pawnee (paári)

Pawnee is a Northern Caddoan language spoken in northern Oklahoma in the USA by about 100 people. Most of the speakers are elderly, however the language is being taught in schools, and there are also classes for adults. Pawnee has two main dialects: South Band and Skiri, which differ mainly in pronunciation and vocabulary. Historically the Pawnee lived along the Platte River in Nebraska.

In 1997 the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and the American Indian Studies Research Institute of Indiana University set a program to produce materials for learning and teaching Pawnee. They have produced textbooks, a multimedia dictionary and language lessons, and an alphabet book.

Pawnee alphabet and pronunciation

Pawnee alphabet and pronuciation

Pawnee has tone which are marked as follows: á = high tone, a = low tone, aá = rising tone, aà = falling tone.

Download an alphabet chart for Pawnee (Excel)

Additions and corrections by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text in Skiri Pawnee

Wití’at Tahkutiri. Hi ahá’at. Ruu’ahá’at. A ahá’at. Raawitakaaraahisu’ witiwaaraaruhat. Hi ahaacawaatat. Hi ahuraaracihtis. Cáhiks wiruu’ahaá’. Hi ahawicka’ Tátuhta. Hiru ahí’at.


He went. And he went. There he went. And he went. All at once there were mountains. And he went over. And he was suspicious. A person there he came. And he thought: "I am going to go". Then he went.


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