Nambikwara (Kitãulhu)

Nambikwara is a Nambikwaran language spoken by about 720 people mainly in the state of Mato Grosso in western Brazil, and also in the neighbouring state of Rondonia. Although the number of Nambikwara speakers is small, the whole community speaks it, therefore it is not considered endangered. Instead, UNESCO classifies it as vulnerable.

Nambikwara is also known as Southern Nambikwara, Southern Nambikuára, Nambikwara do Sul, Nambikuára, Nambicuara, Nambikuára, Nambikwara or Nambiquara.

Various linguists and missionaries have worked on documenting Nambikwara since the early 20th century, and a number of descriptions of the phonology, grammar and vocabulary of the language have been published.

Nambikwara alphabet and pronunciation

Nambikwara alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Nambikwara (Excel)

Videos in Nambikwara


Information about Nambikwara

Nambikwaran languages

Mamaindê, Nambikwara, Sabanê

Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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