Makalero is a member of the Timor-Alor-Pantar branch of the Trans-New Guinea language family. It is spoken by about 8,000 people in the municipality of Lautém (Município Lautém / Munisípiu Lautein) in the east of East Timor.

Makalero is also known as Maklere. It was formerly thought of as a dialect of Makasae, however it is now classified as a separate language by its speakers and by linguists.

Makalero alphabet and pronunciation

Makalero alphabet and pronunciation


b, c, g, j, ng and z are used in loanwords.

Download an alphabet chart for Makalero (Excel)

Sample text

Dili atanana lafuʼete, amuni muʼa-ouar ere liurai Iliomar. Liurai Iliomarini laʼani Diliisiʼini eʼini laʼa kilooraahaka meih. Ninoko meih uainini... tapatini u Lakuloo... u Loore hai dai, unini aiʼini lololaʼani laʼani Laiuai Laga uaiteʼe fulilaʼani Dili.


After Dili was first founded, the owner of the land was the king of Iliomar. It was the king of Iliomar, and he went to Dili, he was here and went, and there were two of them. He went with his younger brother, and so... they split up and one went through Laculo... no, through Lore, and the other went directly from here to Laivai and Laga,and after that they went together to Dili.

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Makalero | Numbers


Information about Makalero
A grammar of Makalero: A Papuan language of East Timor

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