Lavukaleve is a Central Solomons language spoken by about 1,800 people in the Russell Islands in the Central Province of the Solomon Islands. In the West Russell Islands people of all ages speak Lavukaleve, while in the East Russell Islands there is a shift to Pijin, an English-based creole language spoken in the Solomon Islands, especially among young people.

Lavukaleve is also known as Laumbe, Laube, Russell Island or Lakukaleve. The people who speak it call themselves Lavukal and the Russell Islands are known as Lavukalen. There are three groups on Lavukaleve speakers: western, central and eastern with some differences in their pronunciation, and also in their vocabulary and grammar.

A way to write Lavukaleve with the Latin was devised in the 1990s. The [ŋ] sound was originally written n̄, like other languages in the region. However, this proved difficult to typeset, so the macron was often omitted. More recently it was decided to write this sound as ng.

Lavukaleve alphabet and pronunciation

Lavukaleve alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Lavukaleve (Excel)

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Information about Lavukaleve | Numbers


Information about Lavukaleve

Central Solomons languages

Bilua, Lavukaleve, Savosavo

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