Koasati (Kowassaati)

Koasati or Coushatta is a Muskogean language spoken in Allen Parish, north of Elton in Louisiana, and near Livingston in Texas. The exact number of speakers is uncertain, but officials of the Coushatta tribe believe that the majority of tribal members over 20 speak Koasati.

In 2007 a program to revitalize the Koasati language was started by the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana in collaboration with McNeese State University in Louisiana and the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

The closest languages to Koasati are Mikasuki and Alabama, and there is apparently considerable mutually intelligibility between Koasati and Mikasuki, though not with Alabama.

Koasati alphabet

Latin alphabet for Koasati

Sample text in Koasati

Kowassaati sapha ahitchaachit ittillokkoohilaho.
Abachokkooli atchakkit,
Ittooyat ittillokkoolit,
Ittooyat chayaalit,
Ittooyat schaffahkaasit istilkalaho.
Kowassaati aatiha kosnap.

A recording of this text

We pledge allegiance to our Coushatta flag.
Following God,
We will all stand together,
We will all walk together,
We will all stay together as one.
We are Coushatta.
(The Coushatta Pledge)

Source: http://web.wm.edu/linguistics/coushatta/pledge.php

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