Huilliche (Che Süngun)

Huilliche is an Araucanian language spoken in southern Chile. In 1982 there were about 2,000 speakers of Huilliche, however by 2011 there were only a few elderly speakers left. In was spoken in the Los Lagos and Los Ríos regions between Valdivia and the Chiloé Archipelago.

Huilliche is also known as Williche, Huiliche or Veliche. There were at least two varieties of Huilliche, which were known as Huillichesungun and Tsesungun by their speakers. Huilliche is related to Mapuche, but there is only limited intelligiblity between the two languages.

Huilliche alphabet and pronunciation

Huilliche alphabet and pronunciation


There are several other spelling systems for Huilliche.

Download an alphabet chart for Huilliche (Excel)

Sample text

Petu üyi chi pisre l’il; fitrui masiao, kensabe chumngaiel mongen. Masiao afkütulngi; femngemalai srume fenten tripantu mongien; al’külafien, al’küunmalafien.


The snowy hill still burns; it smokes a lot; who knows what life will be like. Much was exterminated; such a thing never happened so many years that we live; we have not heard it, nor are we hearing it.


Sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Huilliche

Information about Huilliche | Numbers


Information about Huilliche

Araucanian languages

Huilliche, Mapuche

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