Galela is a West Papuan language spoken by about 79,000 people in North Maluku Province of Indonesia. In particular, it is spoken in the districts of Galela, Tobelo and Loloda in the North Halmalhera Regency in the north on Halmahera island, and also in the north of Morotai Island, and on Bacan and Obi islands south of Halmahera.

Dialects of Galela include Kadai, Morotai, Kadina and Sopi. It is closely related to the Loloda language, which is also spoken in the north of Halmahera Island. It can be written with the Latin alphabet.

Galela alphabet

Galela alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Galela (Excel)

Sample text

Mapayakop de mapedeka manga ono manonomaka duruhe yosusa. Kayosua poli sidago masoa masoade owange mailo kaiodo mamoi. O putumoikade mapayakop otoguruga mabereki moi wimake. De mabereki maga otemo. Ngohiasa tonihike on angsa mangopa moi, sonapiara nosidodiahi laani oho daloha.

Translation (Indonesian)

Alkisah hiduplah Pak Yakob dan istrinya yang sangat miskin. Begitu miskinnya sehingga kadang-kadang mereka hanya bisa makan sekali sehari. Suatu malam Pak Yakob ditemui seorang kakek dalam mimpinya. "Aku akan memberimu seekor anak angsa," kata sang Kakek. "Rawatlah dia dengen baik maka hidupmu akan sejahtera.

Translation (English)

Once upon a time there lived Mr. Yakob and his wife who were very poor. So poor that sometimes they can only eat once a day. One night Mr. Yakob was met by an old man in his dream. "I will give you a gosling," said the grandfather. "Take good care of him and your life will be prosperous.

Source: O angsa maboro guraci (The goose that laid golden eggs)

Sample video

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Information about Galela

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