Daasanach (Af Daasanach)

Daasanach is Lowland East Cushitic language spoke by about 60,000 people in the Lower Omo Valley and on the northern shore of Lake Turkana. The majority of Daasanach speakers live in the South Omo Zone of the South Ethiopia Regional State in southwestern Ethiopia. There are also Daasanach speakers in northwestern Kenya and in the southeast of South Sudan.

Daasanach is also known as Dasenech, Daasanech, Dathanaik, Dathanaic, Dathanik or Dhaasanac. In Ethiopia it is known as Geleb, and in Kenya it is called Kerile or Shangilla.

A way to write Daasanach with the Latin alphabet was developed in the 1990s by Jim Ness and Susan Ness of Bible Translation and Literacy and Wycliffe Bible Translators. This was slightly revised later, replacing the digraph dh with ꟈ (d with short stroke overlay).

Daasanach alphabet and pronunciation

Daasanach alphabet and pronunciation

Download an Daasanach alphabet chart (Excel)

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Information about Daasanach

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