Bardi is a member of the Western Nyulnyulan language family spoken in the Kimberley region in the north of Western Australia, particularly in Broome, Derby and in the Lombadina and One Arm Point Aboriginal community. In 2011 there were 5 native speakers of Bardi, all of whom are older adults, and about 100 people have some knowledge of the language. Younger people understand the language but do not speak it.

Bardi is also known as Baadi, Baardi, Badi or Bard. There are two dialects: Bardi and Jawi, which are more or less mutually intelligible. Bardi is written with the Latin alphabet using an orthography devised in 1990. It is taught in primary schools and there are some texts, a dictionary, and A Grammar of Bardi was published in 2012 by Clarie Bowern, a Professor of Linguistics at Yale University.

Bardi alphabet and pronunciation

Bardi alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Bardi (Excel)

Sample texts

Gala nimoonggoon inda gorna biinmal galaloong.


Striving for success in all we do, strong culture.


Goolamananimi aranga ngaanka injayboona arra oolarlamankana Gaminjinanim rooban barna injoonina Gaminjinanimi aranga ngaanka Goolamananim arra nimoonggoonjini ngaanka.


Goolamana used a different language, Gaminjin didn't hear/ understand him, and spoke back in a different language, which Goolamana didn't know.


Sample video in Bardi


Information about Bardi

Nyulnyulan languages

Bardi, Yawuru

Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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