Numbers in Yonaguni

How to count in Yonaguni (ドゥナンムヌイ), a Southern Ryukyuan language spoken on Yonaguni, one of the Ryūkyū islands in southern Japan.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 (一ち) トゥーチ (ttūci)
2 (二ち) ターチ (ttāci)
3 (三ち) ミーチ (mīci)
4 (四ち) ドゥーチ (dūci)
5 (五ち) イチチ (icici)
6 (六ち) ムーチ (mūci)
7 (七ち) ナナチ (nanaci)
8 (八ち) ダーチ (dāci)
9 (九ち) クグンチ (kugunuci)
10 (十) トゥ (tu)


Yonaguni uses classifiers when counting specific things (like Japanese). For example: the チ (-ci) classifier shown above is used for inanimate objects. When counting people the classifier -taintu is used, for animals -gara is used, for flat objects -ira is used, and for trees -mutu is used.

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