Numbers in Tai Dam

How to count in Tai Dam (ꪼꪕꪒꪾ), a Southwestern Tai language spoken in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and China.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 ꪙꪳ꪿ꪉ, ꫜ (nueng) [nɨŋ˦]
2 ꪎꪮꪉ (song) [sɔŋ˨]
3 ꪎꪱꪣ (saam) [saːm˨]
4 ꪎꪲ꪿ / ꪎꪲꫀ (sii) [siː˦˥]
5 ꪬ꫁ꪱ / ꪬꪱꫂ (haa) [haː˨˩ˀ]
6 ꪶꪬꪀ (ho) [hoʔ˦˥]
7 ꪹꪊꪸꪒ (cet) [t͡ɕet̚˦˥]
8 ꪵꪜꪒ (peet) [pɛt̚˦˥]
9 ꪹꪀ꫁ꪱ / ꪹꪀꪱꫂ (kaw) [kaw˨˩ˀ]
10 ꪎꪲꪚ (sip) [sip̚˦˥]
100 ꪭ꫁ꪮꪥ / ꪭꪮꪥꫂ (hoy) [hɔj˧˩ˀ]

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