Quechua numbers

How to count in Cuzco Quechua (Qusqu qhichwa simi), a dialect of Southern Quechua spoken in Cuzco and the Cuzco Region of Peru.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 ch'usaq, mana imapas  
1 huk huk-ñiqin
2 iskay iskay-ñiqin
3 kimsa kimsa-ñiqin
4 tawa tawa-ñiqin
5 pichqa / pisqa pichqa-ñiqin
6 suqta suqta-ñiqin
7 qanchis qanchis-ñiqin
8 pusaq pusaq-ñiqin
9 isqun isqun-ñiqin
10 chunka chunka-ñiqin
11 chunka-hukniyuq  
12 chunka-iskayniyuq  
13 chunka-kimsayuq  
14 chunka-tawayuq  
15 chunka-pichqayuq  
16 chunka-suqtayuq  
17 chunka-qanchisniyuq  
18 chunka-pusaqniyuq  
19 chunka-isqunniyuq  
20 iskay chunka  
21 iskay chunka hukniyuq  
22 iskay chunka iskayniyoq  
23 iskay chunka kimsayoq  
24 iskay chunka tawayoq  
25 iskay chunka pichqayoq  
26 iskay chunka suqtayoq  
27 iskay chunka qanchisniyoq  
28 iskay chunka pusaqniyoq  
29 iskay chunka isqunniyoq  
30 kimsa chunka  
31 kimsa chunka hukniyuq  
32 kimsa chunka iskayniyoq  
33 kimsa chunka kimsayoq  
34 kimsa chunka tawayoq  
35 kimsa chunka pichqayoq  
36 kimsa chunka suqtayoq  
37 kimsa chunka qanchisniyoq  
38 kimsa chunka pusaqniyoq  
39 kimsa chunka isqunniyoq  
40 tawa chunka  
50 pichqa chunka  
60 suqta chunka  
70 qanchis chunka  
80 pusaq chunka  
90 isqun chunka  
100 pachak  
120 pachaq iskaychunkayuq  
200 iskay pachaq  
300 kimsa pachaq  
1,000 waranqa  
2,000 iskay waranqa  
1,000,000 hunu  
1,000,000,000 lluna  

Sources and details of numbers in Quechua

Introduction to Quechua: Language of the Andes, 2nd Edition
The Social Life of Numbers: A Quechua Ontology of Numbers and Philosophy of Arithmetic

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