Numbers in Ido

How to count in Ido is a reformed and simplified version of Esperanto intended to be used as an International Auxiliary Language.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 zero  
1 un unesma
2 du duesma, sekundo
3 tri triesma
4 quar quaresma
5 kin kinesma
6 sis sisesma
7 sep sepesma
8 ok okesma
9 non nonesma
10 dek dekesma
11 dek-e-un dek-e-unesma
12 dek-e-du dek-e-unesma
13 dek-e-tri dek-e-triesma
14 dek-e-quar dek-e-quaresma
15 dek-e-kin dek-e-kinesma
16 dek-e-sis dek-e-sisesma
17 dek-e-sep dek-e-sepesma
18 dek-e-ok dek-e-okesma
19 dek-e-non dek-e-nonesma
20 duadek duadekesma
21 duadek-e-un duadek-e-unesma
22 duadek-e-du duadek-e-duesma
23 duadek-e-tri duadek-e-triesma
24 duadek-e-quar duadek-e-quaresma
25 duadek-e-kin duadek-e-kinesma
26 duadek-e-sis duadek-e-sisesma
27 duadek-e-sep duadek-e-sepesma
28 duadek-e-ok duadek-e-okesma
29 duadek-e-non duadek-e-nonesma
30 triadek triadekesma
40 quaradek quaradekesma
50 kinadek kinadekesma
60 sisadek sisadekesma
70 sepadek sepadekesma
80 okadek okadekesma
90 nonadek nonadekesma
100 cent centesma
200 duacent duacentesma
300 triacent triacentesma
400 quaracent quaracentesma
500 kinacent kinacentesma
600 sisacent sisacentesma
700 sepacent sepacentesma
800 okacent okacentesma
900 nonacent nonacentesma
1,000 mil milesma
1,000,000 miliono milionoesma


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