Numbers in Finnish Kalo

How to count in Finnish Kalo (kaalengo tšimb), a Northwestern Romani language spoken mainly in Finland and Sweden. It is also known as Kalo Finnish Romani.

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Finnish Kalo

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 iek [ˈie̯k iekto, vaaguno
2 dui [ˈdui̯] duito, vauro
3 trin [ˈtriːn] tritto
4 staar [ˈstaːr] startto
5 pangȟ [ˈpaŋːx] pangȟto
6 ȟou [ˈxou̯] ȟouto
7 efta [ˈefta] eftato
8 oȟta [ˈoxta] oȟtato
9 enja [ˈenja] enjato
10 deȟ [ˈdex] deȟto
11 deȟ-o-iek [ˈdexoie̯k] deȟ-o-iekto
12 deȟ-o-dui [ˈdexodui̯] deȟ-o-duito
13 deȟ-o-triin [ˈdexotriːn] deȟ-o-tritto
14 deȟ-o-staar [ˈdexostaːr] deȟ-o-startto
15 deȟ-o-pangȟ [ˈdexopaŋːx] deȟ-o-pangȟto
16 deȟ-o-ȟou [ˈdexoxou̯] deȟ-o-ȟouto
17 deȟ-o-efta [ˈdexoefta] deȟ-o-eftato
18 deȟ-o-oȟta [ˈdexooxta] deȟ-o-oȟtato
19 deȟ-o-enja [ˈdexoenja] deȟ-o-enjato
20 biȟ [ˈbix] biȟto
21 biȟ ta iek [ˈbix ta ie̯k] biȟ ta vaaguno
22 biȟ ta dui biȟ ta vauro
23 biȟ ta trin biȟ ta tritto
24 biȟ ta staar biȟ ta startto
25 biȟ ta pangȟ biȟ ta pangȟto
26 biȟ ta ȟou biȟ ta ȟouto
27 biȟ ta efta biȟ ta eftato
28 biȟ ta oȟta biȟ ta oȟtato
29 biȟ ta enja biȟ ta enjato
30 triijana [ˈtriːjana], triinda [ˈtriːnda] triijanato, triindato
40 stavardeȟ [ˈstavardex] stavardeȟto
50 pangȟvardeȟ [ˈpaŋːxvardex] pangȟvardeȟto
60 ȟovardeȟ [ˈxovardex] ȟovardeȟto
70 eftavardeȟ [ˈeftavardex] eftavardeȟto
80 oȟtavardeȟ [ˈoxtavardex] oȟtavardeȟto
90 enjavardeȟ [ˈenjavardex] enjavardeȟto
100 ȟeel [ˈxeːl] ȟeelto
1,000 aadur [ˈaːdur] aadurto
1,000,000 miljoonos [ˈmiljoːnos] miljoonosto


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