Numbers in Dzongkha

How to count in Dzongkha (རྫོང་​ཁ), a South Tibetic language spoken in Bhutan.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 (༠ ) ཀླད་​ཀོར (klad kor) [le˥.ko˥], ཐིག (thig) [tʰik̚˥]
1 (༡) གཅིག (gcig), / ཆཱི (cig) [t͡ɕik̚˥] དང་​པ (dang pa)
2 (༢) གཉིས (gnyis) [njiː˥], ཉྱཱི (nyi) གཉིས་​པ (gnyis pa)
3 (༣) གསུམ (gsum) [sum˥], སུམ (sum) གསུམ་​པ (gsum pa)
4 (༤) བཞི (bzhi) [ʑi˩], ཞི (zhi) བཞི་​པ (bzhi pa)
5 (༥) ལྔ (lnga) [ŋɑ˥], ང (nga) ལྔ་​པ (lnga pa)
6 (༦) དྲུག (drug) [ʈʰuk̚˩], ཌཱུ (dru) དྲུག་​པ (drug pa)
7 (༧) བདུན (bdun) [tyːn˩], དྱཱུན (duen) བདུན་​པ (bdun pa)
8 (༨) བརྒྱད (brgyad), གཻ (gay)
9 (༩) གཱུ (gu)
10 (༡༠) ཅུཐཱམ (chu tham)
11 (༡༡) ཅུཅི (chu chi) [cu-ci]
12 (༡༢) ཅུཉི (chu nyi) [cu-ɲi]
13 (༡༣) ཅུསུམ (chu sum) [cu-sum]
14 (༡༤) ཅུཞི (chu zhi) [cu-ʑi ]
15 (༡༥) ཅེངཱ (che nga) [ce-ŋa]
16 (༡༦) ཅུཌུ (chu du) [cu-ɖu]
17 (༡༧) ཅུཔྡྱ (chup dü) [cup-dỹ]
18 (༡༨) ཅོཔྒེ (chop gay) [cop-ɡe]
19 (༡༩) ཅྱགུ (chü gu) [cy-ɡu]
20 (༢༠) (khe chi) [kʰe ciː]
21 (༢༡) ཁེཆཱི (nyer chi)
22 (༢༢) (nyer nyi)
23 (༢༣) (nyer sum)
24 (༢༤) (nyer zhi)
25 (༢༥) (nyer nga)
26 (༢༦) (nyer dru)
27 (༢༧) (nyer duen)
28 (༢༨) (nyer gay)
29 (༢༩) (nyer gu)
30 (༣༠) [kʰe pɟʱe-da ˈɲiː]
40 (༤༠) [kʰe ˈɲiː]
50 (༥༠) [kʰe pɟʱe-da sum]
60 (༦༠) (trug chu)
70 (༧༠) (dün ju)
80 (༨༠)
90 (༩༠)
100 (༡༠༠) [kʰe ˈŋa]
200 (༢༠༠) [kʰe cutʰãm]
300 (༣༠༠) [kʰe ceŋa]

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Information about counting in Dzongkha

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