Drehu numbers

How to count in Drehu (Deʼu), a New Caledonian language spoken on Lifou Island in New Caledonia.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 cas, čas, wan hnapan
2 lue, luete, tru hnaluen
3 köni, könite, theri hnakönin
4 eke, eketen, foa hnaeken
5 tripi (1x5), faif hnatripin
6 cangömen, sikis hnacangömen
7 luengömen, seven hnaluengömen
8 köningömen, eit hnaköningömenën
9 ekengömen, nein hnaekengömenën
10 luepi, ten hnaluepin
11 cako, čako, ileven hnacakon
12 luako, tuelof hnaluakon
13 köniko, thörtin hnakönikon
14 ekako, fortin hnaekakon
15 könipi (3x5), fifitin hnakönipin
16 caqaihano hnacaqaihanon
17 lueqaihano, seventin hnalueqaihanon
18 köniqaihano, eitin hnaköniqaihanon
19 ekeqaihano, neintin hnaekeqaihanon
20 ca at, tuente hnacatën
21 ca at nge cas  
22 ca at nge lue  
23 ca at nge köni  
24 ca at nge eke  
25 ca at nge tripi  
26 ca at nge cangömen  
27 ca at nge luengömen  
28 ca at nge köningömen  
29 ca at nge ekengömen  
30 ca at nge luepi, thörti  
40 lue at, forte  
50 lue at nge luepi, fifite  
60 köniat, sikiste  
70 köni at nge luepi  
80 ekat, eite  
90 ekate nge luepi, neinti  
100 ʈiːpi o aʈ ('five persons) / haɖeɖ  
200 lue haɖeɖ  
1,000 thausan  
2,000 lue thausan  

Numbers in italics are English loanwords.


Information about Drehu (Dehu) numerals

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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