Ditidaht numbers

How to count in Ditidaht (Diitiidʔaatx̣), a southern Wakashan language spoken in southern Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 c̓awaaʔk [ʦʾawɑːʔk]
2 ʔaƛ [ʔatɬ]
3 qakac̓ [qakaʦʾ]
4 buu [buː]
5 šuč̓ [ʃuʧʾ]
6 č̓iix̣paaɫ [ʧʾiːχpaːɬ]
7 ʔaƛpuu [ʔatɬpuː]
8 ʔaƛasib [ʔatɬasib]
9 c̓awaasib [ʦʾawaːsib]
10 ƛax̣ʷ [tɬaχʷ]
11 c̓awayuukʷ [ʦawajuːkʷ]
12 ʔaƛayuukʷ [ʔatɬajuːkʷ]
20 caqiic [ʦaqiːʦ]
30 wiyuukʷ [wijuːkʷ]
40 ʔaƛiiq [ʔatɬiːq]
50 šašaač̓taʔdkʷ [ʃaʃaːʧʾtaʔdkʷ]
60 č̓iix̣paaɫiiq [ʧʾiːχpaːɬiːq]
70 ʔaƛpuuqʷ [ʔatɬpuːqʷ]
80 ʔaƛasibiiq [ʔatɬasibːq]
90 c̓awaasibiiq [ʦʾawaːsibːq]
100 ʔubaaqƛ [ʔubaːqtɬ]
200 ʔaƛx̣taʔk ʔubaaqƛ [ʔatɬχtaʔk ʔubaːqtɬ]
300 qakač̓x̣taʔk ʔubaaqƛ [qakaʧχtaʔk ʔubaːqtɬ]



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