Bambara numbers

How to count in Bambara (Bamanankan), a Mande language spoken in Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 kelen fɔlɔ
2 fila, fla filanan, flanan
3 saba sabanan
4 naani naaninan
5 duuru duurunan
6 wɔɔrɔ wɔɔrɔnan
7 wolonwula, wolofila wolonwulanan
8 seegin, ségin seeginnan
9 kɔnɔntɔn kɔnɔntɔnnan
10 tan tannan
11 tan ni kelen tan ni kelenan
12 tan ni fila tan ni filanan
13 tan ni saba tan ni sabanan
14 tan ni naani tan ni naaninan
15 tan ni duuru tan ni duurunan
16 tan ni wɔɔrɔ tan ni wɔɔrɔnan
17 tan ni wolonwula tan ni wolonwulanan
18 tan ni seegin tan ni seeginan
19 tan ni kɔnɔntɔn tan ni kɔnɔntɔnan
20 mugan muganan
21 mugan ni kelen mugan ni kelenan
22 mugan ni fila mugan ni filanan
23 mugan ni saba mugan ni sabanan
24 mugan ni naari mugan ni naarinan
25 mugan ni duuru mugan ni duurunan
26 mugan ni wɔɔrɔ mugan ni wɔɔrɔnan
27 mugan ni wolonwula mugan ni wolonwulanan
28 mugan ni seegin mugan ni seeginan
29 mugan ni kɔnɔntɔn mugan ni kɔnɔntɔnan
30 bi saba bi sabanan
40 bi naani bi naaninan
50 bi duuru bi duurunan
60 bi wɔɔrɔ bi wɔɔrɔnan
70 bi wolonwula, bi woronfla bi wolonwulanan, bi woronflanan
80 bi seegin, bi segi bi seeginan, bi seginan
90 bi kɔnɔntɔn, bi kònòntò bi kɔnɔntɔnan, bi kònòntònan
100 kɛmɛ, kèmè kɛmɛnan, kèmènan
101 kɛmɛ ni kelen kɛmɛ ni kelenan
200 kɛmɛ fila kɛmɛ filanan
300 kɛmɛ saba kɛmɛ sabanan
400 kɛmɛ naani kɛmɛ naaninan
500 kɛmɛ duuru kɛmɛ duurunan
600 kɛmɛ wɔɔrɔ kɛmɛ wɔɔrɔnan
700 kɛmɛ wolonwula kɛmɛ wolonwulanan
800 kɛmɛ seegin kɛmɛ seeginan
900 kɛmɛ kɔnɔntɔn kɛmɛ kɔnɔntɔnan
1,000 waa kelen, ba kelen waa kelenan, ba kelenan
2,000 waa fila, ba fila waa filanan, ba filanan
3,000 waa saba, ba saba waa sabanan, ba sabanan
4,000 waa naani, ba naani waa naaninan, ba naaninan
5,000 waa duuru, ba duuru waa duurunan, ba duurunan
6,000 waa wɔɔrɔ, ba wɔɔrɔ waa wɔɔrɔnan, ba wɔɔrɔnan
7,000 waa wolonwula, ba wolonwula waa wolonwulanan, ba wolonwulanan
8,000 waa seegin, ba seegin waa seeginan, ba seeginan
9,000 waa kɔnɔntɔn, ba kɔnɔntɔn waa kɔnɔntɔnan, ba kɔnɔntɔnan
10,000 waa tan waa tanan
20,000 waa mugan waa muganan
30,000 waa bi saba waa bi sabanan
40,000 wa bi naani wa bi naaninan
50,000 waa bi duuru waa bi duurunan
60,000 waa bi wɔɔrɔ waa bi wɔɔrɔnan
70,000 waa bi wolonwula waa bi wolonwulanan
80,000 waa bi seegin waa bi seeginan
90,000 waa bi kɔnɔntɔn waa bi kɔnɔntɔnan
100,000 waa kɛmɛ waa kɛmɛnan
150,000 waa kɛmɛ ni bi duuru waa kɛmɛ ni bi duurunan
200,000 waa kɛmɛ fila waa kɛmɛ filanan
300,000 waa kɛmɛ saba waa kɛmɛ sabanan
400,000 waa kɛmɛ naani waa kɛmɛ naaninan
500,000 waa kɛmɛ duuru waa kɛmɛ duurunan
600,000 waa kɛmɛ wɔɔrɔ waa kɛmɛ wɔɔrɔnan
700,000 waa kɛmɛ wolonwula waa kɛmɛ wolonwulanan
800,000 waa kɛmɛ seegin waa kɛmɛ seeginan
900,000 waa kɛmɛ kɔnɔntɔn waa kɛmɛ kɔnɔntɔnan
1,000,000 mílyɔn kélen mílyɔn kélenan
2,000,000 milyɔn fila milyɔn filanan
1/2 tla filana, tla flana, tlancè  
1/3 tla sabana, tla ko saba  
1/4 tla naanina, tla ko naani  
1/5 tla duuruna, tla ko duuru  
1/10 tla tanna, tla ko tan  
1/20 tla muganna, tla ko mugan  


Ordinal numbers in Bambara are formed by adding the suffix -na(n) to the regular cardinal numbers, The only exception to this is first, which is fɔlɔ.


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Informaton about Bambara numerals

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