Numbers in Arawak (Lokono)

Information about counting in Arawak, an Arawakan language spoken in eastern Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 amakho
1 aba
2 bian
3 kabyn
4 bithi
5 (a)badakhabo, (aba-da-khabo “one-my-hand”)
6 (a)bathian
7 bianthian
8 kabynthian
9 bithithian
10 biandakhabo, (bian-da-khabo “two-my-hand”)
11 biandakhabo diako abaro, (“two-my-hand on one”)
12 biandakhabo diako bian
13 biandakhabo diako kabyn
14 biandakhabo diako bithi
15 biandakhabo diako badakhabo
16 biandakhabo diako bathian
17 biandakhabo diako bianthian
18 biandakhabo diako kabynthian
19 biandakhabo diako bithithian
20 aba loko, (“one man”)
21 aba loko diako abaro, (“one man on one”)
22 aba loko diako bian
23 aba loko diako kabyn
24 aba loko diako bithi
25 aba loko diako abadakhabo
26 aba loko diako abathian
27 aba loko diako bianthian
28 aba loko diako kabynthian
29 aba loko diako bithithian
30 aba loko diako biandakhabo
31 aba loko diako biandakhabo diako abaro
40 bian loko
41 bian loko diako abaro
50 bian loko diako biandakhabo
60 kabyn loko
70 kabyn loko diako biandakhabo
80 bithi loko
90 bithi loko diako biandakhabo
99 bithi loko diako biandakhabo diako bithithian
100 (a)badakhabo loko

Sources: A Grammar Sketch and Lexicon of Arawak (Lokono Dian)

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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