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Family words in Turkish

Words for family members and other relatives in Turkish.

  Turkish (Türkçe)
family aile
parent ebeveyn / annevebaba
father baba
mother anne / ana
child çocuk
son oğul
daughter kız
husband koca
wife karı
sibling kardeş
brother erkek kardeş / abi (older)
sister kız kardeş / abla
uncle amca (paternal) / dayı (maternal)
uncle's wife yenge
aunt hala (paternal) / teyze (maternal)
aunt's husband enişte
cousin kuzen
nephew yeğen
niece yeğen
grandfather dede / büyükbaba
grandmother nine / büyükanne / anneanne (maternal) / babaanne (paternal)
grandchild torun
great-grandfather büyük dede / büyük büyükbaba
great-grandmother büyük nine / büyük büyükanne
great-grandchild torununun çocuğu
great-great-grandchild torununun torunu
father-in-law kaynata / kayınbaba / kayınpeder
mother-in-law kaynana / kayınvalide
brother-in-law kayın / kayınbirader
sister-in-law görümce (according to women) / baldız (according to men)
ancestor ata
progeny kuşak
stepmother üvey anne
stepchild üvey çocuk
adopted child evlatlık çocuk

List compiled by Batuhan Duzgun

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