The 7 Best Spanish Apps for Learning Spanish as a Beginner

by Lori Wade

When you task yourself with the learning of new languages, you are more often than not subjecting yourself to one of the most remarkably rewarding experiences. Learning a new language not only benefits your brain’s health, but it also assists in the opening of some professional doors for you and at the same time enhancing your understanding of diverse people and cultures.

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One of the highly learned foreign languages across the globe is Spanish. It could be for school purposes, as a necessity, or just for the sake of your general knowledge among many other possible reasons. Whichever reason is responsible for your learning of Spanish, it is great to know that the internet, in tandem with technology has advanced on the various ways that you can learn and master this and many more foreign languages. One of the most efficient ways that Spanish is being learned is via apps which are easily found online.

Some of the best apps that you should try out when breaking into learning Spanish have been described below:

1. StudyBlue

This is an app that normally digitizes flashcards so you can be able to access them all on your tablet, computer or even phone. Its effectiveness is conspicuous in the manner in which the app has been designed to suit the needs of a new-language student.

We’ve already mentioned that the app gives you room to create flashcards for Spanish lessons. The app has great functions with the flashcards created, both on an online and offline basis. When the app is offline, it allows you to view the previously created flashcards. On the other hand, when you are in a position to access an internet connection, the app gives you room for sharing your flashcards.

When taking Spanish classes, you can make flashcards on various topics that you’ve been taught and then share them with your classmates. This feature of sharing makes your work easier when learning because it will help you to refrain from creating new cards for similar topics, hence making your work much easier. The app provides additional functions such as taking quizzes based on the Spanish cards that you’ve created. This will help you in the mastery of Spanish because it takes note of what you’ve gotten wrong and ensures that you study in these areas.

2. Superflashcard

There is some Spanish knowledge that will ever remain the same until the end of time such as the names of the days of a week, months, time and even the various body parts. Some of this basic knowledge will always remain constant regardless of the manner in which you learned them, how you learned them and where you learned them.

For these basic vocabulary requirements, Superflashcards is one of the best and easiest apps that can help you cross this bridge. It contains flashcards that have pronunciations and also application examples of the best ways you can use various Spanish words. The app provides a gateway for you to take quizzes, play games, study and even view slideshows of flashcards that had been pre-installed.

3. Spanish Conversation Courses

This app is best suited for people who learn majorly via their visual sense. It includes myriads of videos that have incorporated learning of Spanish almost at all the levels possible of language learning.

A good example of how this app brings to life visual learning can be reflected in the following scenario: You could be in the Beginners level learning about verbs. The app will assist you in this task through puppets who teach you some Spanish verbs via songs and skits. For the advanced and intermediate levels, there are also helpful videos that teach most essential Spanish lessons. These lessons range from medical vocabulary in Spanish to explanations of various possessive adjectives.

4. Google Translate

This is one of the most popular language-learning apps that serves over 200 million users globally and can be effectively be used to replace the traditional dictionaries for translating Spanish to English. The app gives you an allowance of translating instantly phrases and words that you speak, photograph, draw or even type. In addition to this, the app allows you to listen to the correct pronunciation of these translated words and also saving these translations to help you refer to them in future. The app also comes with an added feature of giving you an option of downloading the entire language package hence giving you unlimited access to Spanish vocabulary on an offline basis.

5. Overdrive

This app has often times not been given the credit that it deserves. You can easily download Spanish e-books and audiobooks from it thus enabling you to access them from your Kindle app, phone, tablet and computer from practically anywhere in the globe.

The reason that Overdrive is an exceptional app for the learning of Spanish is that it gives you space to access your local library’s digital library and borrow e-books and audiobooks in a similar manner as you would a physical book!

6. Duolingo

This is an app that’s fun to use and game-like in nature, giving you rewards of badges for your Spanish practice. It does a great job of teaching its users the best ways to communicate in the Spanish language. This is mainly via teaching vocabulary, reading and writing, conjugation, listening and pronunciation skills.

All these things are done in the setting of a game where you have about 3 hearts which you should be careful not to lose in order for you to proceed to the next level. In addition to this, you can also evaluate yourself to see how fast you are learning, by comparing your progress with that of your friends.

7. Brainscape

This app provides you with one of the easiest ways with which you can both practice and learn Spanish irrespective of the level of learning you are at. Brainscape works on building upon age-old, trusted flashcard studies by requesting you to review your self-confidence concerning every concept, then rating yourself. This, in turn, assists the app to correctly gauge the time and frequency it should remind you of those particular concepts. In addition to this, it has flashcards with audio files that allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of various Spanish words.


The learning of new languages is not always the easiest of things around the globe, but it is possible to ease this whole process by using different apps. The post above has highlighted seven of the most amazing apps that can be used to assist with the learning of Spanish and even in the writing easy argumentative essay topics due to their competence in language-learning techniques. All that is required of you is downloading them and you can kick-start your Spanish lessons within no time!

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