Studying Spanish at Spanish Universities

by Patrick Collins

Learning Spanish at Spanish universities is a great way to obtain a quality language education and get actively involved in Spanish student life. Many Spanish universities have developed excellent language programs through decades of experience, and students often choose these programs not only for their quality but also because of the international prestige associated with them.

Salamanca University Spanish courses are some of the most sought-after in Spain. Studying Spanish at Salamanca University is attractive both because of the quality of its installations and language programs and thanks to the excellent reputation it enjoys as Europe's second-oldest university. Established in 1218, this venerable institution played a major role in the development of the Western world and hosted students like Miguel de Cervantes, Hernán Cortés and St. Ignatious Loyola.

Spanish courses at Salamanca University are made even more attractive by the beauty of Salamanca itself. Students are often drawn to study Spanish in Salamanca because of the city's fresh, student atmosphere and excellent nightlife. Salamanca is also a historical and cultural wonder, widely considered one of the world's best Renaissance towns, preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another popular option is to study Spanish at Madrid University (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija). Spanish courses at Madrid University also enjoy a good reputation both in Spain and abroad; this small private institution has made a name for itself over the last few decades, and has even come to rival the reputation of Madrid's larger state-sponsored Complutense University, criticized by many for lacking flexibility and modernity.

Spanish language courses at Madrid University are certainly more accessible to foreigners and on the cutting edge of language instruction. Antonio Nebrija is arguably the best option for the many students who decide to experience the dynamic, culturally stimulating, adventure-filled lifestyle of Spain's capital.

Finally, Malaga University Spanish courses are ideal for those who'd like to experience the sun and beaches of Spain's summer. Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, is ideally situated in proximity to sites of cultural interest (among many others: Seville, the cultural capital of Andalusia; and Granada, with its wondrous Alhambra) and areas of natural beauty, such as the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountain ranges to the northeast and the stunningly beautiful beaches of Cadiz to the west.

Spanish courses at Malaga University incorporate classroom studies with organized trips that put the student in contact with this vast wealth of cultural and natural heritage. The University of Malaga has a special campus dedicated to Spanish language studies centrally located in Malaga (the main campus is at a 30-minute bus ride from the city center), where other extracurricular activities are arranged for the students in order to enhance their learning experience.

Because of the popularity of Malaga as a summer student destination, there are also plenty of organizations that make it easy for foreigners to practice Spanish while enjoying themselves (meeting at bars, learning Salsa, etc…). Spanish language courses at Malaga University certainly represent an enjoyable and unforgettable summer study abroad experience for thousands of students each year.

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