8 Top Reasons to Learn Arabic

by Stevens Stone

If you’re considering learning Arabic, you’re making a wise choice. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they may not have a grasp of all the benefits it offers in the modern world. Here are a few top reasons why learning Arabic is a good choice.

1) Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language

Arabic is on the top of every language list whether it is ordered based on influence, number of speakers, popularity or others. Arabic has a total of 490 million speakers worldwide. This is not surprising since the Arab world covers a large region and comprises of many countries. Unlike most other languages, Arabic is not specific to a country.

2) There is Rising Demand for Arabic-speaking Westerners

The current demand for fluent Arabic speakers is high, especially in foreign affairs, defense, intelligence, journalism, etc. Since the supply of fluent Western Arabic speakers is low, this gives Arabic learners an edge over other language learners.

3) To understand Islam

Since Islam and the Quran has become a subject of study recently (due to political and religious reasons) learning Arabic will provide you with the ability to read and fully comprehend Islamic scriptures without distorting the meaning (with translations). Apart from that, Islam is quite an interesting religion that can be easily compared to other Abrahamic religions.

4) A great market for trade

The Arab world is a major part of the global economy. There are approximately 22 countries in the Arab world, so you can probably guess how lucrative this whole region is. Many businesses invest in the Arab world, particularly the Gulf, in areas such as construction, telecom, finance, tourism etc. Since Arab kingdoms (generally) heavily rely on foreigners to further their economies, there are countless trade, business, and job opportunities.

5) It’s Easy to learn

Believe it or not, learning Arabic is pretty easy! The letters may seem intimidating, but they’re really not that difficult. The Arabic alphabet can be learned in a day (or even less). Also, Arabic grammar is fairly easy and a lot simpler compared to European languages. (Fun fact: Arabic doesn’t have the letter “P” in it, so instead you just use the “B” sound).

6) Living in Arabia

There’s a large number of Westerners living in the Arab world and taking advantage of the perks the governments offer to Westerners there. This is particularly true of UAE which has a population comprised of a majority of expats and foreigners (almost 70 percent!) leaving only a small population of locals in the region. Furthermore, if you live in UAE for 20 years, have never been convicted of a crime, and learn how to speak fluent Arabic, you are legible for citizenship.

7) Arab Culture is Interesting

Learning Arabic will take you through a tour of the fabulous Arabic culture. One if the most noted features of Arabic cultures is hospitality. Traditional Arabs are extremely cordial with guests—which is another thing you can take advantage of if you visit the region. Tea, scents, dress, dance, music, cuisine, literature, history and beautiful architectural buildings – Arabian culture is rich and quite unlike what you can find elsewhere.

8) For Traveling

If you often travel to, or would like to travel to, the Arabic world, learning the language will be your best tour guide. Arabic people feel honored when foreigners speak their language even if it it’s just the basics or not-so-accurate phrases. There’s a strong chance you’ll get invited as a guest if you are able to communicate, making your stay even more pleasant.The deserts of Egypt, the beautiful resorts of Dubai, and the beautiful mosques of Turkey – all priceless locations no traveler should miss.

About the author

Stevens Stone is an executive editor at Assignment Geek. He’s an extrovert who has a thing for parties, get together and family retreats. When he’s off the desk, he prefers to hang out with his buddies and siblings.

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