Free Online Resources and Tools to Learn English

by Laurianne Sumerset

Believe it or not, you don't have to shed out a fortune on English learning software to improve your English skills. There are a number of free online resources you can utilize to improve the quality of your English knowledge and rapidly advance your proficiency. In this article we explore four five resources capable of taking your English writing and speaking from average to great in an effective, efficient manner. And best of all, it's free!

Free Dual Language Dictionaries

An essential tool for any person looking to better their English writing skills is a dual language dictionary. Rather than shed out money on buying a physical language dictionary, why not take advantage of the numerous free online language dictionaries available. There are widely available versions in French, Spanish, German, and Chinese Mandarin. You may have to dig around a little for Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, Thai and other lesser-spoken languages.

In short, everything you need to learn English at a basic to moderate level is available online, and with a diligent dig around in Google, you will unearth some great free tools to be getting on with. Admittedly, some of the tools may feel somewhat restrictive as you begin to advance, and you may feel at some point that it is time to branch out and invest in some professional software. After all, free online software relies on the free time and generosity of developers, and is never going to have the dedicated support that professional software does.

Free English Learning Websites

Websites like,,, and offer various English learning materials like articles, lessons and exercises for free. If you have the will and time to crawl through their contents, you might save the money on getting a paid English learning software.

Free Online Spell Checker

A spell checker is primarily used for proofreading work such as blog posts, articles and emails. It allows the user to paste the copy into a window and mistakes are then highlighted for correction. However, what many do not know, such a spell checker can also be used as a spelling test tool to improve spelling proficiency. What's more, this online tool allows you to log onto any computer, anywhere, at any time and practice your spelling. A fun way to test yourself using an online spell checker is to write down ten English spellings, try to memorize each over a ten minute period, and then use the spell checker to test yourself.

Free Online Grammar Checker

Sentence construction is majorly important when it comes to writing English, and a wrongly placed word can be the simple difference between a person understanding and misunderstanding what you are trying to convey. You need to know the order in which you should be placing verbs, adjectives and nouns. A free online grammar checker will teach you how to correctly structure sentences and also highlight areas you need to improve upon.

Free Desktop Software

Although not quite as professional as buying well-known English writing software programs, there are a number of free online services that will assist you in better understanding the formation of sentences and the way in which words are spelt. Those grammar and spell check services (See paragraphs above) can be used with little hassle, and not even require you to register or install anything to your computer.


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