5 Apps to Help You learn Basque

by Rachel Jackson

Basque learning tools are exceedingly hard to come by. It's not considered a practical language anymore, so learners often struggle to find the tools they need to develop a conversational expertise of Basque.

1. HitzApp

HitzApp is an easy Basque learning tool that features pronunciations, making it easier for you to practice the language in everyday speech. The creators are translating it for use with Spanish, English, German, and French to make it easily accessible for everyone. The learning style is centered around fun games that make it easy to enjoy yourself while absorbing a new language.

There is one potential downside, but there is a workaround for that issue. HitzApp is only available for iPhone. If you don't have an iPhone or your carrier doesn't offer them, you can always purchase one secondhand and unlock it with these tips. You don't have to be limited by your Android device.

2. Euskeraz Ikasi

The most exciting part of this app is the offline Basque dictionary. When you're in a spot that doesn't get coverage and you don't have any WiFi available, you'd otherwise be stuck without your Basque language learning tools. The offline dictionary will help you access what you need whenever you need it, even if you're in an area with no cellular signal. This tool is great for people who need to use the app on the go, and it can serve as a supplement to other apps.

3. Basque Language Suite

This app has a very simple interface that makes it easy to use. The incorporated features will allow you to learn, build your vocabulary, train with flashcards, and translate phrases. The built in quiz feature will allow you to check yourself as you progress through your learning venture. The translation feature of this app is one of the most important functions – if you encounter something you don't understand, you'll be able to interpret it in a few short moments.

4. Basque Flashcards with Pictures

This app comes in a full and a lite version, but the lite only offers 30 common words. The full version boasts the 300 most common words, and provides you with a visual association for all of the things you're learning. Since most people are visual learners, you might find that the pictures help the information stick in your mind a little better. You can browse individually, or work the whole flashcard deck.

5. Study Basque Words

This app is a flashcard game that allows you to choose between four possible meanings for each word you view. It makes it a little easier to learn, and may help you spot language batters in Basque. The app incorporates thousands of words you may need to know, as well as multiple choice quizzes, hangman games, and a word jumble that will help you memorize the spelling of Basque words. The interface isn't complicated, and it doesn't need to be – it's a no frills way to learn the language, and it's simple enough for anyone to master its use.

These apps make it very simple to learn a language that can be difficult to track down. Most major language learning systems skip over Basque, and you have many apps to choose from to help pick up that slack.

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