I learnt a useful Czech expression today – souhlasím – which means ‘I agree; all right; ok(ay)’. The element hlas (voice; sound; vote) I recognise, and I guessed that the prefix sou- might mean together, or something similar.

According to Wiktionary, sou- is akin to the English prefix co- (together, mutually, jointly), so souhlasím might be literally translated as ‘I together-voice’ or ‘I with-voice’.

Examples of usage and related expressions:

– souhlasím s tebou – I agree with you
– souhlasím s dlouhou procházkou – I am quite game for a long walk
– souhlas = agreement; consent; acceptance; approval; consensus
– souhlasit (s) – to agree (with); approve; concure; assent; go along (with)
– souhlasící = agreeable; congruous; consentaneous

Sources:, Dictionary

3 thoughts on “Souhlasím

  1. Russian has an analogous construct, referring to agreement as being of common voice: Согласие, or the concept of “agreement”. There are several related terms such as согласный (in agreement), соглашение (an actual agreement), согласование (coordination), соглашатель (appeaser), согласно (accordingly), etc.

  2. I am struck by the similarity between Czech hlas and Welsh llais (voice). There is no analogous construct that I know of based on llais but there is a similar construct based on the (perhaps related) noun llafar (speech), albeit not with quite the same meaning:

    cyflafareddu = ‘to arbitrate’

    cyf- being a prefix roughly equivalent to Romance con- (=’with’)

    The Latvian word for ‘to agree’ is piekrist (pie- = ‘by’; krist = ‘to fall’). The Latvian word for voice, incidentally, is balss, presumably related to the Slavic forms hlas and глас. does not suggest any connection between these words and those of Romance derivation (voice, voix, vocem etc.).

  3. German has “zustimmen”, which is constructed the same way (die Stimme = voice), as well as “abstimmen” (to decide by vote, to co-ordinate), “übereinstimmen” (to agree, to correspond to), “einstimmig” (unanimous), and probably some other words I can’t think of right now.

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