My favourite kanji

The author of a site offering online Japanese lessons has kindly offered one full account for free to Omniglot visitors. The site offers Japanese lessons for beginners, plus some material for more advanced learners. Some of the lessons are free, once you’ve registered, others are available after payment of an annual subscription. The account will give you access to all the material on the site.

The “My favourite kanji” competition is your chance to win an account. Entries can take the form of a explanation of which kanji you like the most and why; a piece of calligraphy or art featuring your favourite kanji; a story or poem about your favourite kanji; or anything else you can think of based around your favourite kanji. Let your imaginations run wild and get those creative juices flowing!

Please send entries by email to the usual address. The closing date is the end of this month (30th June). The best entries will be displayed in the Omniglot gallery.

5 thoughts on “My favourite kanji

  1. Actually, my favourite Kanji is not a Kanji but the chinese not-simplified version of a Kanji. Can I still participate?

  2. My favourite kanji is 知, because that means what I like to do the most in my life and what I think people on Earth deserve. Unfortunately I’m not artistically gifted…

  3. Petruza – you certainly can choose a Chinese character (simplified or traditional) as your favourite.

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