9 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. Sounds like some variant of Malay/Indonesian or Javanese; the accent and some words sound like they’re from somewhere in the Malay archipelago.

  2. Well, the question is, where that language was spoken before it became extinct.
    Maybe some Dayak dialect?

  3. Daydreamer – it is a living language, not an extinct one – I forgot to change the question from last week.

    It is an Austronesian language.

  4. I think I’ll just go with everyone else’s leads and suggest Cham. I seem to hear a retroflex “r” towards the beginning, though…not sure why. (If I’m correct about the retroflex “r,” THEN I’ll change my guess to something weirder – Hiri Motu! LOL).

    In reality, I have no idea.

  5. I have to say, I’m willing to believe this is Balinese, but I was rather surprised, considering that I had started learning that language not so long ago! Of course, I would have known if I’d heard the introductory music to that clip, but…:-D

    Geez. I really seem to be struggling with those Austronesian languages. (I was just listening to Malagasy, a language that is actually relevant to my current job. Right now, I feel like I wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t even recognize that, upon hearing it).

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