Example of the Avoiuli script

Avoiuli is a writing system used on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu which was brought to my attention today – the image on the right shows an example of the script inscribed on a stone.

Apparently Chief Viraleo Boborenvanua based the script on traditional sand drawings and spent 14 years developing it, and it is used for record keeping by the Tangbunia indigenous bank.

I’ve put together a page about this script and the language it’s used to write, Raga, but haven’t been able to find a chart showing the Avoiuli letters or any other illustrations of the script.

Do any of you know anything more about this script, or where I can find more details?


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  1. I’m really interested in including this script in the Endangered Alphabets projects, and I’ve emailed a couple of people to see if anything comes of it. If I have any luck I’ll let you know.

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