8 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. This sounds like a Native American language to me. However, following Hank’s famous “timbre-of-the-voice theory”, I’d say that at least the lady’s – if not indeed both speakers’ – first language is English.

  2. I agree entirely with Emanuel. The man mentioned Thompson Centre which could refer to a city or town in Manitoba. It is very definitely an indigenous language and,as Emanuel says, while spoken by the two people their first language could very easily be English (although they certainly seem fluent in the language in question). When she speaks, it almost sounds like Navajo.

  3. Just to add to the previous comments that it is Morris Thompson Center (located in Fairbanks, Alaska) and also the person LaVerne Xilegg Demientieff is mentioned.

  4. I also heard the ‘Morris Thompson Center’ (00:05) and ‘La Verne’ (00:09). The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center is in Fairbanks, and the phonology fits a language of the North American far North West. So we are in Alaska …

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