9 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I am confused, Simon. You want us to guess THE language, but then say it is a recording of Happy New Year in FIVE languages.

    Was that intentional, or just a cut-and-paste error?

  2. Something French-influenced? I don’t think Occitan but I’ll start with that. Otherwise: A former French colonial territory, maybe somewhere in the Caribbean/Africa? French Guyana?

  3. It’s the story of the north wind and the sun in a French dialect. I’m just not sure which one as of yet.

  4. Still can’t find the language but I bet it’s the story I previously mentioned about the north wind and it;’ on an I Love Languages clip on Youtube. They use it a lot in their clips.

  5. I think you are right about the story, Hank, because ‘soleil’, ‘fort’ and ‘manteau’ (my ad hoc spellings) are clearly discernable.

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