7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I certainly know it’s French and from what I can hear from the accent it’s either Québecois or Acadian French. Just a guess, although educated.

  2. I think I hear “Saint Martin” at 0:29-30 and so I am going to guess that it is a variety of French or a French-based creole spoken on that island.

  3. Perhaps French with a strong Upper Rhine Alemannic (more precisely: of the Alsatian variety) accent. I’ve submitted this guess per email also, still waiting for a response…


  4. I found it quite fascinating to hear the words “tête” pronounced as “téte” as well as “bois” pronounced as “boé”. I have heard in “téte” in Northern Ontario French and “boé” in Quebecois French. I believe that Québec was settled by Normans. You often hear “moi et toi” said as “moé pi toé” in Québec and northern New Brunswick (my province).

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