8 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Very enigmatic. Apparently, there are some brand names and/or loanwords in this recording, such as Shinex (?), elastik etc. I also think I hear a number of English/American elements, e.g. square (?), really (?), oh, ya (?). Apart from that, there is perhaps reduplication (duadua, kankan) which could point in an Austronesian direction, like last week … However, the consonant clusters in the anlaut of several words – e.g. /br/ – do not fit into this picture.

  2. I also considered a creole language. Papiamento would explain the br-clusters and the x-sound (as in Spanish ), although I would have expected that language to sound a bit more “Romance”.

  3. This recording does not match the phonology of Chinook Jargon, in my opinion. My guess is Sranan Tongo.

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