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  1. There is certainly something that sounds very Slavic in what’s being said but I also keep thinking I hear vowel harmony so I am wondering if it isn’t Turkic language somewhat influenced by Russian. Also wonder if it isn’t a language from the Caucasus.

  2. Emanuel,
    I think you are right in that it’s צ׳ובש׳ת but I can’t find it here or on Youtube.

  3. It’s on YouTube under “The Sound of the Chuvash Language,” although not with Hebrew characters, the use of which I’m curious about. I couldn’t find any reference to Jewish Chuvash, which would be odd to illustrate with a recording of The Prodigal Son.

  4. I can’t speak for Emanuel but I once figured out the answer to a language quiz almost immediately after its having been posted. So as to keep everything a secret I wrote out the name using the Georgian alphabet so as not to spoil things too soon. I wonder if perhaps Emanuel didn’t do the same using the Hebrew alphabet.

  5. Mitchell, I used Hebrew in order not to spoil the quiz on a Monday. For Turkic languages indeed written in Hebrew see Olach, Zsuzsanna: “Emergence of a new written culture: the use of Hebrew script among the Krimchaks and the Karaim”.

  6. You know, one meets the nicest and coolest people on this site! It makes everything even more enjoyable.

  7. I’m sorry to have ruined the game. I won’t do it again, now that I know the rule.

  8. It’s not a rule, Mitchell. Someone came up with the suggestion a few months ago, if I remember correctly, but it is of course really tough to resist the temptation to post the answer, once you know it!

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