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  1. It is obvious ( to me, at least) that the speaker is also an English speaker. I thought I heard the name “Fishguard” so I wonder if it isn’t somewhere in the vicinity of Wales. Then of course you hear the word “vegetables” . From the sounds my guess is Manx.

  2. Ta mee lane shickyr nagh vel Gaelg ry-chlashtyn ayns shoh. (I am absolutely certain that we are not hearing Manx here.) Hank, I understand your guess – the speaker does have an accent that sounds vaguely Manx, but I cannot recognize any Manx words. It could well be another Gaelic language; maybe some dialect of Gaeilge (Irish), but a long way from the standard language. I’m confused!

  3. I think this is a form of German as spoken in the US, e.g. Hessisch from Texas, Pennsylvavia Deutsch or something like that.

  4. Emanuel,
    Funny you should say that. My first guess was certainly a Celtic language but I heard an “sh” sound or two that suggested a bit of German pronunciation. I was just SO convinced that it is Manx that I pooh poohed that.

  5. Yep, I hear the German words “sie war zweenachtzig Joar alt” (she was 82 years old) at 0:04, “schaffe mit die (work with the) vegetables” at 0:16 and “un Sundags hot sie einfach” (on Sundays she simply) 0:19.

    Indeed, it could be Pennsylvanian German that was strongly influenced by Rhenisch Palatinate. That dialect was probably the mothertongue of Donald Trump’s grandparents.

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