10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Semitic, with the Arabic word “ya’ani” uttered at least twice. But I don’t think it’s Arabic or (some form of) Hebrew. But the first word seems to be the name Shlomo(h). So I am going for some sort of Jewish Neo-Aramaic (originally spoken in Iraq).

  2. I’d agree. A Semitic language for sure. I KNOW it is not the case but there are so many words ending in -o that one would swear it was Esperanto! Lol

  3. I agree with Neo-Aramaic. My guess is that the expression “bish’mayo” said twice at the end means “in heaven.”

  4. Maybe Turoyo?…since “shlomo” is hullo in this language, similar to “shalom” in Hebrew.

  5. Yes, I confirm it.This is Turoyo. Spoken by today’s Assyrian-Aramaeans who are usually Eastern Christians, adherents of the Aramaic, Syrian and Chaldean churches in the north of Syria and south Turkey.

  6. Afro-asiatic for sure, I’m going to guess either Cushitic or South Arabian (Mehri, Shehri, Hobyot etc)

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